This unique experience offers the opportunity to see Kenya in a very different way. It can be worked in as a part of another itinerary, or it can stand alone as a trip for any length of time up to 48 days. The following opportunities, all personally guided by Ena’s close friend, include home-stays with local Kenyans and the opportunity to participate, at your own pace, in the daily life of Kenya. These opportunities allow you to experience a different side of life in Kenya, while still enjoying more tourist-traditional activities such as game drives and other activities.

You can also choose to visit the local residents and still stay in safari camps/lodges/hotels if you woCultural Sample Itin Pic 1uld rather not stay in the local homes. Prices vary depending on the length of time and level of accommodation that you desire. As a pricing index, a 48-day trip (including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and a 7-day stay at a beach as the trip’s finale) staying with families and in very basic/local hotels (with indoor bathrooms), would cost under $10,000. Contact Ena for more specific information such as itineraries and prices, because these tours vary greatly according to the way in which you wish to make Africa an adventure all your own. Below is a sample, full-length itinerary (not including international travel to/from Kenya).






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Days 1-4: Travel from USA to Kenya; Nairobi, Masai Market, Lake Naivasha, Giraffe Center, Women’s Groups and Orphanages

Day 1: Travel from the USA to KenyaCultural Sample Itin Pic 3

Days 2-4: Nairobi

  • You arrive in Nairobi where you are met by Okeno (friend of Ena) and transferred to the PanAfric Hotel to relax after the long flight. We will then transfer to the Saton Hotel in Nairobi where you will learn more about life in the Kenyan capital.

While in Nairobi, our visits will include:

  • Local Masai marketsCultural Sample Itin Pic 2
  • An excursion to Lake Naivasha
  • A night on the town, hitting Nairobi’s famous spots
  • Giraffe Center
  • Local museums
  • Women’s groups and orphanages

Days 5-9: Shaba National Reserve, Game Drives, Samburu Village, Women’s Group

Days 5-9: Shaba National Reserve

  • On day 5 we’ll head out of Nairobi to see some of the sites north of the capital, spending five nights in the Shaba National Game Reserve and enjoy the first of many game sightings on this adventure.

In the Shaba National Game Reserve, we will:

  • Have two extended game drives per day
  • Spend two nights in a Samburu cultural village (or in the Shaba Lodge)
  • Visit the Samburu Women’s Group

Days 10-14: Lake Nakuru National Park, Game Drives, Historical Sites, Kikuyu Village, Rogongo Forest

Days 10-14: Lake Nakuru National Park

  • On the morning of the tenth day, we’ll travel to Lake Nakuru National Park to spend five nights in Nakuru town and its surroundings.

In Nakuru and its surroundings, we’ll:

  • Have two extended game drives per day in the Lake Nakuru National Park for two days.
  • Stay overnight in Kunste HotelCultural Sample Itin Pic 4
  • Visit local historic sites in Nakuru
  • Spend two nights in a native Kikuyu village
  • Take forest walks in the Rogongo Forest
  • Go out for a night on the town in Nakuru

Days 15-19: Kisii Land (Kericho), Tea Plantations, Homestay, Marriage/Circumcision Ceremonies, Traditional Medicine Practitioner

Days 15-19: Kisii Land (Kericho)

  • From Nakuru, we’ll drive to western Kenya with an overnight in Kericho. In Kericho, we’ll visit the tea plantations before heading to Kisii land where we’ll spend four nights exploring this magical land of ancient traditions.

Kisii land offers many unique opportunities, including:

  • Visiting tea plantations
  • A homestay with a family (optional)
  • Attending traditional marriage and/or circumcision ceremonies
  • Going to the soapstone quarries and learning to carve soapstone
  • Shopping in colorful local markets
  • Meeting with a local medicine man to learn more about traditional medicine in East Africa
  • Spending a night in Kagero, President Obama’s father’s native village

Days 20-24: Masai Mara, Walking Safari, Game Drives, Masai Village

Days 20-24: Masai Mara

  • After six days in Kisii Land, we’ll transfer to the Masai Mara to spend six nights in Mau Narok and the Masai Mara, a wildlife paradise known for its millions of wildebeest and other amazing animals. We’ll stay in the Mara Sarova Lodge for a touch of luxury in the heart of the best game-viewing in the world.

The Masai Mara experience includes:Cultural Sample Itin Pic 5

  • Two extended game drives per day
  • A visit to a Masai cultural village
  • Two-day bush walking safari

Days 25-27: Nairobi/Amboseli National Park, Game Drives, Masai Villages

Days 25-27: Nairobi/Amboseli National Park

  • On day 25, we’ll drive to Nairobi for an overnight there before driving the next day to Amboseli. In Amboseli, we’ll spend three nights in the National Park at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the continent.

Our stay in Amboseli will allow for:

  • Two extended game drives per day
  • A visit to a Masai village

Days 28-35: Moshi, Tanzania, Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Days 28-35: Moshi, Tanzania/Mt. Kilimanjaro

  • We’ll leave Amboseli and head to Moshi, where we’ll stay at the Marangu Hotel for two nights, Cultural Sample Itin Pic 6before spending six days climbing and descending the Marangu Route to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Having traveled to Tanzania, our time will include:

  • Two nights in a local hotel to learn more about the Chagga people who live on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • A visit to the famous Usambara Mountains
  • A six-day climb/descent to/from the summit of Africa’s highest peak


Days 36-37: Moshi, Tanzania

Days 36-37: Moshi, Tanzania

  • After six days on Kilimanjaro, we’ll spend a night relaxing at the Marangu Hotel.

This short stay gives you the chance to:

  • Rest up after the conquest of Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Catch up on sleep, journal writing, postcards, etc.

Days 38-40: Tsavo East National Park, Voi, Gems, Game Viewing

Days 38-40: Tsavo East National Park

  • From Moshi, we’ll head back to Kenya to visit Voi and Tsavo East National Park for three nights.

Our time here includes:

  • Game drives in the park
  • Excursions to the gem mines in the area
  • Viewing of some of Kenya’s most spectacular landscapes

Days 41-48: Severin Beach, Mombasa

Days 41-48: Severin Beach, Mombasa

  • From Voi, we’ll head to the Mombasa area to stay at Severin Beach, the perfect finale of spending seven days and nights at a luxurious and beautiful beach resort.Cultural Sample Itin Pic 7

Our time at Severin Beach will allow us to:

  • Relax for a full week on some of East Africa’s (and the world’s) most beautiful beaches
  • Bask in the glow of the previous five weeks’ experiences
  • Shop and prepare for the return to the “real world”


Price includes:

  • All park entrance fees
  • All meals
  • Transport in 4×4 saloon car
  • Flying Doctor Insurance coverage
  • Game drives as indicated in the itinerary
  • Excursions to local villages
  • Travel insurance


  • Incidental tips, personal purchases, items such as laundry and phone/internet, all drinks


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and more information.