Finally here….immigration was a zoo. The new "envisa" was supposed to speed things up, but issues in my arrival terminal meant it took over an hour to get through the line and through immigration. It’s all part of the experience. We got to the hotel and there was big tour group at reception…..being very boisterous. I just went out on the deck and had a drink before checking in. Speaking of the deck, this was the first obvious change due to the potential "events" surrounding the National Election. All the usual tables and chairs have been removed and there is service only in a newly partitioned-off secure area. Other than that all seems the same with the other precautions behind the scenes. There is certainly more security in evidence, but unless you were familiar with the "normal," you would probably not notice.

Have had a shower, added toothbrush and toothpaste to my shopping list, reorganized the luggage, and am ready to stretch out.

Tomorrow another traveler arrives and we’ll go to the Norfolk and do our supply shopping for the Big Cat Research Center. Our driver is recommending NOT doing anything out and about on the 8th (due to the election), but of course all is subject to change.