Gorillas in the Impenetrable Forest, Murchison Falls thundering as the Nile plummets through a 20-foot gorge, Stanley and Livingstone’s source of the Nile, a cruise down the Kazinga Channel with some of the highest concentrations of hippos in Africa, lush green tea plantations, tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth Park and Lake Victoria all make Uganda one of the most exciting places you can visit.

The bad years for Uganda have passed, and there is a palpable belief in the future that shines from each and every face you see in Uganda. The five major tribes and the elected government are working together for a stable country, and they are making good progress.

Now is the time to visit Uganda, before it is rediscovered by the hordes of tourists. Travel is all by road, making possible genuin
e experiences of the country and its cultures, markets, sights and sounds. Luxury accommodations, although the exception, are available. Even when we are not staying in deluxe hotels or lodges, our hosts make up for any material shortcomings through their warmth and compassion. Ugandan travel is much less expensive than Kenya or Tanzania, and it offers a unique experience for those seeking a new adventure that offers more than just game viewing from a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Uganda enjoys ideal weather conditions, with temperatures ranging between 69F and 77F. The rains usually start between March and May and last until October.