As I said, we had a very early start to get to get to the airstrip in time for the first flight of the day going to the Mara. We had a couple of stops before our camp, and at one of them …. you guessed it…..I ran into one of the guides that I have known for several years. Actually he saw me first and came running. After loading all the bags into our car, we were off across the Mara to check on a wildebeest crossing. They almost crossed, but they just wouldn’t go across the river while we were there. A quick lunch and back to the crossing point to watch. Even if they don’t do the National Geographic thing, it is still fascinating, and time just flies by. Again no luck, but with the number of crocs and hippos assembled, I wouldn’t get in the water either!

Tonight I surprised everyone with a bush dinner beside the river. We had an amazing dinner cooked on site, Masai warriors patrolled the river bank to keep the hippos away….really, seriously, and then they sang and danced for us. It was a great day all around.

Again, it’s great to be in the bush. As this is the short rains season, the grass is growing and there are baby animals everywhere.

In the pictures:

  • Baby giraffe probably a day or two old
  • One of the largest crocs I’ve seen in Kenya. It was probably about 24 feet long and just waiting for the wildebeests and zebras to "cross."