You all know how I say that it is the things that go a little off that make the best stories? Let’s just say that I think it will take a while to tell the stories from the first few days alone!

On with the events of Day 2: It was a leisurely morning of expecting our driver to arrive about 9:30 after meeting our companions’ flight. At 8:30, I went downstairs to get a cup of tea and they were already there! We unloaded all the bags so they could take showers, reloaded all the bags, had a fast….well Africa time fast….cup of tea and then headed out to get provisions for our time at the Big Cat Research project. It was definitely a time to slow down to Africa time. The Hub is a new mall in the Karen area of Nairobi….very western. With Patrick’s help (actually, he did it all) I got a SIM card in order to have phone, text, email contact while in Kenya. If you think that our mobile stores are busy, think again! Now it’s up to me to figure all this out. Let’s not even talk about learning about using a modem!!

On to the grocery. Imagine Florida with a hurricane due to hit…..shelves sparse, checkout lanes at every register all the way to the back wall of the store, sometimes even doubled up. Yes, people are taking the potential election violence very seriously. Eventually we had a wonderful lunch of fish and chips…yeah, I know, not very Kenyan, but this was at the very western mall. Mid-afternoon we headed to the Norfolk hotel. The old staff recognized me and there were genuinely warm hugs for all. After that….well, the rest of the story needs a long time to tell. After dinner on the terrace, I went to the airport to surprise two clients arriving from South Africa. Great fun! A late night to be sure, but tomorrow is Election Day and there are no plans until we see how things go.

Here are pictures of my wonderful friend Patrick, before we saw the rooms….and the Norfolk front gardens.