Enaja Safaris and Tours specializes in trips

to East Africa and beyond.

We seek to make every experience an

Adventure all your own!

Plenty of people/companies will make similar claims.

We are different.

  • Highest Level of Personal Service, Safety, and Comfort

Ena spends time getting to know each client or group so that she can tailor the experience to their interests, time-frame (both when and how long), and budget. The safety and comfort of her clients are primary. From there, she carefully designs each trip with the clients’ goals in mind.

  • Personal Knowledge of People and Places, Land and Animals

With over 20 years of travel experience in East and Southern Africa, Ena custom-creates trips to places she has been and with people she knows in person. This knowledge separates her from others who might have read about the properties or spoken on the phone t
o a customer service agent. Ena is regularly in contact with your guides and staff. (She’s even been known to arrange some nice surprises for guests – luggage delivery by Masai warriors was one of the best!

  • Let’s Talk Africa!

Ena’s passion for travel (particularly Africa) means it’s a joy to talk with her. Do you have questions about physical concerns? Comfort? Safety? Animals? Languages? Even if you aren’t sure you want to go, get in touch with Ena to learn more about the possibilities!