Founded in 2000 and based in North Carolina, Enaja Safaris and Tours takes its name from Ena and naja (Kiswahili for “is arriving”). Its main goal is to help you design a travel experience which will make Africa an adventure all your own. In the safety of private vehicles we will explore game parks and experience the majesty of the wildebeest migration, silently sail in a hot-air balloon, sip sun-downer cocktails, feed giraffes from our bedroom windows, and bask in the calls of hippos, elephants and other big game, all while enjoying the luxury of internationally renowned camps and lodges such as the Mount Kenya Safari Club and Giraffe Manor.

Most people go to Africa to see wild animals but end up falling in love with the wonderful people. We will see thousands of animals, but we will also take time to visit native villages where we can genuinely experience the cultures of Africa today.

Whether you travel with Enaja Safaris and Tours as part of a group or go independently on an arranged itinerary, we promise that you will create memories to last a lifetime and that every day will provide inspiration and excitement.